URGENT WARNING: Brain Fog, Memory Loss and “Senior Moments”

Caused by These

Discover why a leading M.D. says “Protect against the effects of these 3 ‘memory killers’

IMMEDIATELY to help boost brain power and improve your memory 287%!”

If you’ve ever been embarrassed because you couldn’t remember the name of an old friend…

Or dumbstruck when you completely forgot what you were saying in the middle of a conversation, when your mind just goes totally blank...

If you’ve ever felt frustrated, confused, and ANGRY because you keep losing track of your car keys or forgetting important appointments, directions and phone numbers...

If you fear for your future…

And if you’ve ever been told you “just have to deal with it”...

Then please, STOP whatever you’re doing and LISTEN CLOSELY… because you’re being LIED TO.

Our profit-driven medical system wants you to think declining brainpower is something you have no control over…

The truth is... a new breakthrough in brain science is changing everything

And in this presentation, I’ll show you how it could make those humiliating “senior moments” a thing of the past...

You’ll discover…

Imagine feeling completely confident in any conversation, no matter how fast-paced or complicated…

Imagine NEVER having to feel the face-reddening humiliation of forgetting someone’s name, or the reason you walked into the garage…

Imagine how impressed your family members will be when they see how sharp-witted you are…

And how secure you’ll feel when you’re not worried about “losing it”…

It all starts by discovering the uncensored TRUTH about brain fog and age-related memory loss…

How 3 specific foods – which many of us eat every single day – are wreaking havoc on your memory

Yes, according to some of the top neuroscientists in the world…

It could be these 3 foods – NOT aging or genetics – that are destroying your precious memories and sapping your brainpower.

Impossible? Rest assured... you’ll see unquestionable proof from some of the world’s top experts… in the form of clinical studies that leave ZERO doubt.

Because if you’re anything like me, the Internet has forced you to become a hard-nosed skeptic.

There’s a lot of conflicting, confusing information out there -- especially when it comes to health.

And the idea that memory loss could actually be caused by 3 specific foods… NOT aging or genetics… might be hard to believe.

It’s the kind of thing that makes you think, “why haven’t I heard about these 3 foods already?”

Or, “why hasn’t my doctor talked about them?”

Those are good questions – and I’ll give you the un-biased answers in this presentation.

First, please, allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Dr. Richard Gerhauser.

I’ve been a board-certified medical doctor for more than 3 decades now, with 2 Master’s degrees in addition to my MD…

…and a stint as a clinical assistant professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.

And while I don’t like to toot my own horn, I’ll admit I’ve earned a reputation as one of the most innovative and pioneering minds in medicine.

That’s not because I’m some extraordinary medical genius.

It’s because, unlike most doctors, I aim to get to the root cause of your health problems, instead of just treating symptoms.

That’s what has made my clinic in Tucson, Arizona a world-famous destination for celebrities and star athletes looking to maintain peak health and performance…

But my real passion is helping folks just like you live the healthy, youthful life you deserve.

And that doesn’t just mean physical health… but mental sharpness and memory too.

That’s why the news I have to share with you today is so urgent…

Because I believe...

Learning the TRUTH about these 3 foods
is the single most important thing you can do
for your memory…

In fact, I call these 3 foods “memory killers” because they’re linked to the brain fog and senior moments that “kill” simple everyday memories… like where you left the keys or your friend’s cell phone number.

And I’m not the only one sounding the alarm.

Harvard University MD and medical editor Dr. Eva Selhub was recently quoted as saying,

Dr. Suzanne de la Monte, medical professor at Brown University, says just one of these memory killers is behind the huge increase in older people with memory problems:

And leading neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter says protecting against the effects of one of these memory killers…

In the next few minutes, I’ll show you what these three foods are, and exactly HOW they impact your mind and memory.

Then comes the exciting part –

You’ll discover how to help protect yourself against the effects of these “memory killers” and boost your memory 287% in the process!

Yes, you heard that right – a 287% boost in overall memory!

Imagine how that could change your life…

How confident you’ll be in conversations…

How you’ll call up every word, phrase or thought right when you need it, without getting tripped up…

Imagine never suffering the humiliation of hearing your grandkids say “You already told that story – twice!

Never again… that’s how powerful this breakthrough is. 

Details in a few minutes...

First, let’s look at each of these 3 memory killers… how they affect our memory… and why the mainstream is ignoring this massive health threat.

Memory Killer #1 is… Refined Carbohydrates

These are found in foods like white bread, pasta, donuts, and sweets.

As much as we all love these foods, the research is clear -- they’re eating away at your memories!

Now, let me assure you right up front, I’m not going to suggest you stop eating them.

No, I’ve discovered a better waymore on that in a moment

But let me first show you why these refined carbohydrates – like those found in white bread, rice and sweets – are so bad for your memory.

That’s because, in an aging brain, the glucose from these “bad carbs” causes something called oxidative stress

…which is like a fire in your brain cells!

Symptoms like brain fog… forgetfulness… confusion… and trouble concentrating have ALL been linked to refined carbs.

In a study published in the journal Behavioral Neuroscience, even otherwise-healthy young people who ate lots of refined carbs had impaired memory.

And in another study where they studied folks over 65, it was obvious – the more refined carbs they ate, the worse off their memory was.

Now, if you’re health-conscious, you’re probably already trying to eat less of these “bad carbs”.

Because in addition to being a memory-killer, they’re also linked to a host of other health issues.

Thing is… refined carbs are EVERYWHERE!

Pasta… White rice… Crackers… Cakes… Cookies… Bagels… Donuts… Muffins… White Bread… Baked desserts…

Pizza Dough… Hamburger and hot dog buns… Pancakes… Waffles…

The list goes on and on (and on)…

It’s almost impossible to eliminate them from your diet.

Besides, how much fun would your life be if you could NEVER eat the foods you enjoy?

But protecting your memory from the oxidative stress caused by refined carbs is SO important for a healthy brain…

Luckily, I’ve uncovered a little-known nutraceutical extract that does just that.

My research shows it acts as a brain-targeted antioxidant to help protect your brain cells from oxidative stress… AND boost your brainpower in as little as 1 hour… Details in just a minute…

But the effects of the second “memory killer” are even more damaging.

Memory Killer #2 is… Microwave Popcorn!

Yes, you heard that right!

To be clear, it’s not the popcorn itself that’s the problem. It’s the chemical used to give it buttery flavor.

It’s called diacetyl.

Research has linked diacetyl to the formation of amyloid proteins in your brain.

Yes, you heard that right!

And turns out popcorn isn’t the only place we’re exposed to diacetyl.

It’s found in THOUSANDS of foods like margarine, candy, baked goods and more.

It gives these foods a rich buttery flavor and it’s a lot cheaper than using real butter.

As a result, the Big Food companies LOVE this chemical even though it’s CLEARLY unsafe.

Can you believe a chemical that’s proven to trigger amyloid protein formation in the brain… a verified memory killer...

…is found in thousands of foods all across America!?

It makes my blood boil…

But it pales in comparison to memory killer #3…

Memory Killer #3 is Monosodium
Glutamate, or… MSG

Yes, MSG… the “flavor enhancer” used in Chinese food.

Turns out this chemical works by exciting the nerve cells in the brain that respond to taste.

Problem is, it very often OVER-excites other brain cells – which spells trouble for your memory and brainpower.

That’s why Dr. Russell Blaylock, a prominent nutritionist and author, calls MSG “the taste that kills.

Now if MSG were only found in Chinese food, it might not be that big a deal.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

This chemical is used in countless foods – including many you’d never suspect, like Doritos, Pringles, fast food sandwiches, even Campbell's soup!

And thanks to shady labeling regulations from the FDA, it almost never shows up in the ingredients label.

Instead it’s disguised as any one of these innocent-sounding nicknames…

Now you tell me – if MSG is perfectly safe, why hide it from us?

That’s because it’s NOT safe – it’s a proven memory killer.

Luckily, a tiny dose of a certain type of vitamin
can help protect brain cells from
the effects of MSG

Which is absolutely crucial for your memory and brain health.

Especially when you look at the big picture of all 3 memory killers...

When you realize just how common they are in our food supply...

When you understand how they’re impacting our memory and ability to think clearly every single day…

And when you see how virtually impossible it is to eliminate them from your diet…

It would be easy to throw up your hands and give up… and just accept age-related mental decline and memory loss.

But don’t lose hope!

As I mentioned, there’s a simple, easy way to help SHIELD and PROTECT your brain from the effects of these memory killers…

And as a bonus, it can actually help speed up your mind and boost your memory – as much as 287%starting in just 1 hour!

Imagine… recalling names, addresses, and phone numbers in a snap…

Always being able to find the word you’re looking for in a conversation, without hesitating even for a second.

Imagine… having your friends and family members tell you how sharp and quick-witted you seem…

Imagine never having to worry about
your future… knowing your brain will stay
sharp and powerful…

…and your memories safe and secure… even if you live to 120!

My friend, that’s exactly why I created Mind Defense.

Mind Defense is the latest cutting-edge formula from me and my team here at Solaire Nutraceuticals…

We created this formula with two goals in mind – to help protect you from the effects of these 3 memory killers…

AND give you a clear, noticeable boost in brainpower and memory starting with the very first dose…

That part is really important… I wanted to make sure you could actually feel a difference right away…

…and that your friends and relatives would notice the change too… so you’ll have no question that it’s working.

See, I use a lot of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals in my clinical practice.

But I’ve noticed a very common problem with many supplements: They take a while to really work – sometimes a few weeks, sometimes as long as a few months.

And who has time to wait that long for results?

So what happens is people stop taking the supplement – just before they would’ve gotten a real benefit!

So with Mind Defense, I made sure the results will be fast… and when I say fast, I mean it… as quickly as 1 hour after the first dose!

It wasn’t easy by any stretch – my team and I had to scour the globe to find the perfect blend of natural ingredients…

But today I’m thrilled to announce that

Mind Defense is ready to help protect YOU
from the effects of the 3 memory killers

AND boost your memory 287% starting in just one hour!

It begins with a revolutionary nutrient unlike anything you’ve ever seen

If you’ll remember, Memory Killer #1 is the oxidative stress caused by refined carbohydrates.

Now, if you follow the health news, you know that antioxidants are the key to quenching the “fire” of oxidative stress… 

…which is why antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies are so good for you.

Problem is, only a select few antioxidants can cross the blood-brain barrier, the wall surrounding your brain.

And after an exhaustive search, we’ve found one that does that – and a lot more.

It’s called Bacopa Monnieri, and it’s an exotic plant from Asia.

It’s been a traditional Asian remedy for centuries, and modern science is finally catching up.

A study on rats published in the journal Phytotherapy Research shows that Bacopa indeed crosses the blood brain barrier, and has powerful antioxidant effects.

It’s like pointing a gushing garden hose at a campfire – it simply squelches the burning of oxidative stress.

So what does this mean for your memory, concentration, and thinking?

Well in another study – this time on people – patients saw an 11% increase in brain function.

Now, 11% may not sound like much. The thing is... that was just 60 minutes after taking a single dose of Bacopa!

I spend a lot of my time reading studies like this, and I can tell you --

There is NOTHING else out there that delivers
a measurable boost in brainpower
after just 1 hour...

And the longer you take it, the better the results get.

In fact, in another study, after 3 months, patients saw an undeniable increase in their memory scores!

Plus, it’s also helped improve their mood and reduce their stress levels too...

That’s why I included a full dose of bacopa extract, in every dose of Mind Defense.

So you can be sure Mind Defense will start working from the very first time you take it… and KEEP working for you long term.

Picture yourself taking your first dose of Mind Defense

And actually feeling your mind rev up to full speed… like you’ve flipped a genius switch in your brain!

Not to mention the long-term antioxidant protection from memory-killing refined carbs...

And just wait until you see what happens when you protect against the effects of memory killer #2, the chemical that’s linked to amyloid protein buildup…

Because my team and I discovered a cutting-edge nutraceutical that does that and MUCH more...

It’s called Cera-Q™ – and it’s a special type of naturally-derived protein peptide.

Like Bacopa, it’s been used for brain health in Traditional Asian Medicine for centuries.

And now that researchers have been able to test this remarkable nutrient under controlled laboratory settings, we know why.

The memory-enhancing results are almost unbelievable

Researchers in Korea split a group of 98 patients into two groups.

They gave one group a placebo, and the other group a daily dose of Cera-Q.

And after just 3 weeks, the difference was night and day.

In fact, the Cera-Q group showed 90% better recall when they were asked to memorize a list of words…

AND a staggering 287% better overall memory than the placebo group!

287% better memory in 3 weeks!

Think that would make a noticeable difference in your day-to-day life?


That’s the kind of undeniable improvement that makes family members stop worrying about you… and start enjoying your company again!

But that’s not all. See, a few of the patients in that study were younger, which could have skewed the results slightly.

So to be completely sure, scientists did another study. And this time they only took patients over the age of 65.

And the results were even MORE stunning.

Every single parameter the scientists measured – memory, attention, concentration, mathematical calculations, organizational skills and “linguistic ability”...

They ALL improved significantly.

That means after just 3 weeks of taking 400 mg of Cera-Q daily, these seniors had practically super-human brains!

And the really amazing thing is that the patients with the most serious age-related cognitive decline… saw the BIGGEST improvements.

So the more you need it, the better it works!

Of course, the scientists wondered how Cera-Q delivers such a powerful boost in brainpower.

And by looking at brain cells treated with Cera-Q under a microscope, we know the answer – it actually helps prevent the formation of amyloid proteins in your brain!

Yes, amyloid protein – the same stuff that can cause problems if it goes unchecked…

Cera-Q is like a wrecking crew that tears down those proteins as fast as they’re being built!

Leaving your brain cells healthy, clear, clean, and ready for all the crosswords, Jeopardy clues and fast-paced conversations you can throw at it!

So not only does this remarkable nutrient help improve memory 287% overall…

Cera-Q also protects your brain against the effects of memory-killer #1, diacetyl!

That’s why I included 200 mg of premium Cera-Q in each dose of Mind Defense.

And that’s only the beginning of what this cutting-edge formula does for your brain!

Now rest assured, with these 2 ingredients alone, Mind Defense is already the most advanced brain health formula ever created.

With just these 2 ingredients, you could notice a huge uptick in mental sharpness in conversations…

…ability to concentrate on things like books, puzzles, and documentaries…

…your memory of details like phone numbers, bank account numbers, addresses and lots more…

But if you’ll recall, there’s one more “memory killer” we MUST protect against the effects of – Memory Killer #3: MSG.

Because despite the mainstream claims it’s safe, MSG is like KRYPTONITE to brain cells!

Luckily, there’s a nutrient clinically studied to help protect against this chemical…

And this time, it’s not an exotic plant extract or nutraceutical.

It’s actually vitamin B-12!

Vitamin B-12 is shown to counteract MSG
by acting as a ‘shield’ for brain cells

There is one catch, though.

Remember the blood-brain barrier, the wall that surrounds your brain tissue?

Well, of the more than a dozen forms of vitamin B-12, only ONE crosses that barrier.

It’s a special form of B-12 called methylcobalamin.

Its chemical structure allows it to go right to your brain cells and help shield them against MSG and other toxic chemicals.

That’s why Mind Defense includes a healthy amount of methylcobalamin in every dose.

And as an added bonus, B vitamins are well-known for supporting your energy levels, so you might just notice a little extra pep in your step, too!

Are you starting to see how this formula can help RESTORE your memory and brainpower… practically overnight?

Can you see how the protection Mind Defense provides from the effects of toxic foods and additives will keep you sharp as a tack?

Are you imagining how great it will feel to finish that book of puzzles in one sitting?

Can you imagine how much better your relationship with your family will be, when you can share real conversations, advice, and laughs with them again?

Can you feel the release of fear and dread knowing your brain can stay sharp for all your days?

That’s exactly what Mind Defense gives you – the peace of mind and security of knowing your brain will always keep running on all cylinders…

…and you’re fully protected against the effects of memory-killing toxins polluting our food supply…

And like all my Solaire Nutraceutical health solutions, Mind Defense is absolutely top-quality in every respect.

It’s created in a certified facility right here in the United States.

It’s made with 100% non-GMO ingredients.

And it features clinically tested ingredients at the perfect levels to ensure you see fast, powerful results

And you know what?

Right now is absolutely the BEST time to try
Mind Defense, ever...

I mean that.

Just listen to what people who have already started enjoying the results of Mind Defense are saying:


“Mind Defense works for me – it’s been great in improving my memory, focus, and cognitive function!”

-Irene G. from Bloomsburg, PA


“I was always a good speller, but for the past five years I was having trouble spelling. I love to sing, but I couldn’t remember the lyrics of any songs. I was even having trouble finishing my own sentences because I just couldn’t remember the right words. After taking Mind Defense, I can spell well again, all the lyrics are coming back to me, and I can recall the right words!”

– Marilyn E. from McCall, ID
*Results may vary. Mind Defense is formulated to help promote a sharper memory and cognition.


“It has definitely improved my memory, especially short term memory, and I don’t have to search for words like I had to before. Mind Defense makes me feel younger and more confident.”

– Kathy P. from Clarksdale, MS


“After trying several other products, Mind Defense is my only success story. It has helped me recall names, improve my fluency of thought, have less muddled thinking and clearer focus! I recommend it to anyone!”

–Thea H. from Riverton, WY


“I am able to focus on whatever I'm doing without trying. My short and long-term memory has improved to the point of actually surprising myself during conversations with others. Mind Defense is everything and more than I expected. Thank you for making it!”

– Randall K. from Sumter, SC
*Results may vary. Mind Defense is formulated to help promote a sharper memory and cognition.


“My memory really improved. Mind Defense really works!”

– Mel W. from Blaine, MN

Could you imagine having these kind of improvements to YOUR memory?

And the ONLY place to get it is right here, right now… it’s not available in any store and never will be.

You’ll also get it at a special introductory price, the lowest you’ll ever see guaranteed...

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So our supply is extremely limited.

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I’d be surprised if we have any left by the end of the week.

So if you want to take advantage of this brain-saving breakthrough, you’ll need to act quickly…

And of course, you can try Mind Defense today with ZERO risk.

Because every bottle is covered by a 100%,
no-questions-asked money-back guarantee

See, we know that Mind Defense is unlike anything you’ve tried before.

My team and I KNOW this formula has the power to change your life, because we live and breathe the science behind it.

But we completely understand if you’re not quite as convinced as we are. It’s only natural.

And you should feel completely secure when you place your order today.

That’s why Mind Defense comes with Solaire Nutraceuticals’ unique Unlimited Guarantee.

It’s our unconditional 100% satisfaction promise to you. 

It means that if at any time, for any reason whatsoever, you don’t feel like Mind Defense has exceeded your expectations… if you don’t feel the difference right away…

…if you’re anything less than amazed by how sharp you are…

You get back every penny of the purchase price.

No questions asked, no hassles, just let us know by phone or email, and you’ll get a prompt refund.

And there’s no time limit on this Guarantee – whether it’s 3 months from now, or 3 years down the road, you can always get a refund if you’re unhappy for any reason.

Some of our colleagues think we’re nuts to offer such a free and open money-back promise. They think we’ll lose money, or even get ripped off.

But we know that once you feel the change Mind Defense makes in your life…

…once you’re noticeably quicker and sharperremembering names, faces, dates and appointments like someone half your age…

…blazing through crosswords, news articles, books and emails like a human supercomputer… a refund will be the furthest thing from your mind.

And remember…

In each dose of Mind Defense, you’re getting everything you need to help defend against
the effects of the 3 memory killers…

…and give you the sharpest, strongest brain of your life.


All at a special introductory price you may never see again…

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My friend, now is the time.

You’ve tried standard “brain vitamins” – and you haven’t gotten real results you need…

It’s time to try something different.

It’s time to help protect your brain against the memory killers in our food supply…

It’s time to boost your brainpower starting in just 1 hour

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It’s time to try Mind Defense.

So let’s do this: Click the button at the bottom of this screen. Then fill out your shipping information on the next page.

Once you do, we’ll begin packing your shipment of Mind Defense and we’ll rush it your way.

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Carefully packed inside will be your initial supply of Mind Defense.

I recommend you immediately open up your first bottle of Mind Defense… and take your first dose with a glass of water.

Within 1 hour, you could notice the first signs of your new “genius brain”…

You may notice that your thinking seems clearer… that it’s easier to pay attention and focus on detailed tasks…

And each day, the results will get more and more powerful.

In a few short weeks, you (and everyone you know) will be amazed by a 287% increase in your memory

…not to mention better concentration, quicker thinking, a brighter mood and more...

And if you’re ever less than thrilled, just let us know to receive a full refund.

But please don’t delay. Anytime we release a new formula, we really do expect to sell out in a few days.

And we’ve NEVER released anything as revolutionary as Mind Defense.

So I understand if you want to think it over, but since you’re entitled to a full refund of what you pay today – at ANY TIME

Why not think it over WHILE you try it, since you’re not risking a penny?

Doesn’t it make sense to FEEL the memory-boosting results as a part of your decision-making process?

That way you won’t miss out on the one chance to help protect your mind and your precious memories forever.

For Solaire Nutraceuticals and Mind Defense, I’m Dr. Richard Gerhauser.

Thanks for watching, and be sure to click the button below to claim your personal supply of Mind Defense while it’s still available!

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