Huge News for Seniors! After years of struggle, scientists finally make
brain health breakthrough of the century… Their study found…

The Brain-Enhancing "LC Particle" Gives A

University-tested nutrient improves memory 16%... 8X stronger than placebo. Fights a surprising true cause of age-related memory loss. At-home solution relieves brain fog. Even improves mood.


Hello, I’m Dr. Richard Gerhauser, MD. If you’ve been thinking about the health of your memory lately, please take a look at this image:

white speck on microscope slide

Look especially close at the red arrow…

It’s pointing to a teeny-tiny white speck.

This little speck may seem like just a smudge on the photograph…

But it’s not.

As a Medical Doctor, I need to warn you…

When it comes to your memory and brain health, this speck is extremely important.

Here’s how:

Think of the last time you walked into a room and forgot why you were there.

Or when you struggled and struggled to remember a name of someone you met and drew nothing but a total blank.

Breakthrough science has now identified this little speck as the reason why your memory is starting to slip

Thanks to this absolutely brand-new science, we now know that getting older does not mean you’re stuck with cognitive decline

As long as you address these tiny specks…

If you don’t, your focus and memory get weaker, even if you’re only 60 years old or even just 50.

And if you’re over 70 years old right now, it’s extremely likely your brain already contains these specks.

You can’t feel them…

You might not even know they’re inside you…

But if you’re frustrated by more frequent “senior moments”…

Or you’re a little worried your memory isn’t as strong as you’d like

I can virtually guarantee these specks are hiding deep in your brain. Lots of them.

The more specks you have, the worse your memory gets

Until recently, scientists didn’t understand where these specks came from and… more importantlywe didn’t know how to stop them.

But all that’s changed now…

The clinical tests are finally complete.

They show how to naturally pulverize these brain specks

And how to help stop these memory-dulling specks from forming in the first place.

And what that means for you is nothing short of life-changing.

This means you can finally slam the breaks on age-related cognitive decline

And dramatically upgrade your memory in just 60 minutes, compared to if you did nothing.

Let me repeat that.

When you follow the scientifically verified method I’m about to show you…

You could experience your memory becoming MUCH STRONGER… in one hour

This is not hype.

This was shown in a REAL, clinical study. Average men and women were tested for their memory power just 1 hour apart.

The volunteers who didn’t use this memory-upgrading secret experienced only a 2% improvement in one of their memory tests.

But the volunteers who did get to use this secret, achieved eye-popping results on a memory test. Their scores were a full 16% better in just a single hour.

That’s a full 8X more than those who didn’t use the brain-enhancing secret.

As you’ll soon see, this secret could be the perfect answer for your brain health.

I’m talking about finally REVERSING the slowing
down of your memory and
brain function…

And helping to make your brain stronger, sharper, and YOUNGER.

Heck, you might feel like you just got a brain transplant!

Imagine waking up next Saturday morning… ambling downstairs… and brewing your morning coffee.

It seems like any other morning…

Except you’ve just started using this new solution for dissolving brain specks.

It’s so easy, you can do it while you sip your coffee.

At first, you figure you’ll just eat your breakfast, read the paper, and maybe flip on a morning talk show.

But as you dive into the crossword puzzle, something is different...

You find yourself nailing every answer.

The words just come to you like magic

You’d swear your mental power has cranked up a notch.

As you saunter from your breakfast table to your desk, you notice that an hour has gone by.

“It must be working!” you think

And, suddenly, you realize that a new door has opened for you…

Your brain feels so sharpso quick.

Your memory is stronger… MUCH stronger.

You’re recalling names, appointments, directions… like they’re nothing.

Like you did DECADES ago.

It feels like a fog has been lifted from your brain…

And suddenly it’s humming along like a tuned racecar engine… lightning quick and firing on every cylinder.

This is incredible,” you think.

You feel smarter, sharper,
and happier

And you immediately start making plans…

Maybe you’ll visit your grandkids this afternoon and play some fun board games.

You remember exactly what their favorites are…

And you know they’ll be so impressed when you’re winning almost every time!

Or maybe your friends will want to come over for Jeopardy?

Just try to leave some of the questions for them to answer…

That first Saturday is just the beginning.

Because your memory got upgraded and your wakefulness and mood have improved…

You begin tackling projects like you did in your 30s.

Without brain fog.

Without feeling confused or frustrated or sputtering out right after you begin

As soon as you need them, facts, figures, names, and locations instantly pop into your head.

No more driving back to the store for a forgotten item...

No more wondering why you walked into a room...

No more post-its and notes so you don’t forget passwords and appointments...

Instead, as days and weeks pass, all the times you dwelled on your memory simply fade into the past…

And each new day brings new adventures and opportunities – thanks to your restored scalpel-sharp memory and brain.

That sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? But maybe you’re thinking…

It also sounds too good to be true

Especially the part about a MUCH stronger memory in just 1 hour

Friend, everything I’ve told you today is true.

These measured memory improvements come straight from the medical research.

Everything I’ve told you has
been VERIFIED in top-notch scientific studies

In fact, you’ll see the details in a moment.

But, I admit, when I first saw the research even I was shocked

Because this new breakthrough is changing EVERYTHING doctors thought they knew about age-related memory loss.

In short, when we were trying to solve age-related memory loss in the past, we were getting it all wrong.

Let me explain.

I first uncovered this new brain breakthrough when I saw the scientific report published in the prestigious Nature: International Journal Of Science.

In a stunning, rare moment…

Harvard University, The Mayo Clinic, and researchers from around the globe have come together and agreed on this surprising truth

Yes, your memory comes from your brain

But the true villain behind age-related memory LOSS doesn’t come from your brain at all

In fact, it’s made in a completely different part of your body.

I’m talking about those “brain specks” I showed you earlier.

You might be surprised when you find out exactly what they are and where they’re from.

Then you’ll also understand why it’s taken so long to discover this true solution to age-related “cognitive decline”.

In the past, the mainstream has spent years trying to invent solutions for age-related cognitive decline…

And they all completely failed.

For a long time, it seemed hopeless.

But new science has now shown the simple reason why:

They were all looking in the wrong place.

Until now.

We’ve finally identified what causes these memory-aging specks to form

Yes, after 113 years of dead-ends and failures, we found the answer.

These specks are the senior brain villain that’s been hiding behind the scenes.

They’ve been secretly affecting your memory, focus, and ability to think.

I’ll show you what they are in just a second.

And the surprising place they come from…

But the best news is: Now that we’ve unmasked the true villain…

We know how to stop it.

Thanks to the brand-new medical science I’m rushing to you today…

It’s now very possible to live out your Golden Years…

And still enjoy the quick wits and iron-clad memory of your youth.

We finally know exactly how.

Because of the new breakthrough I’m going to show you in just a moment…

We can now specifically target the REAL cause of your age-related cognitive decline and help stop it at the source.

When this happens, your memory could be 8X better in just 1 hour... just like the folks in the study I mentioned earlier.

It’s easy to do – you just need to know the secret.

Ok, it’s time.

Let me show you exactly how to get this memory-upgrading secret for yourself.

dr gerhauser

As I said before, my name is Dr. Richard Gerhauser, MD.

I’ve been a Medical Doctor for more than 30 years and I run a full practice.

I’m Board-Certified and hold 2 Master’s Degrees.

For many years, I practiced medicine at the famous Canyon Ranch Medical Center.

Celebrities and multi-millionaires flew to see me from all over the world to receive secret treatments the average person doesn’t have access to.

But I decided that EVERY American deserves these life-changing treatments…

So, today, my clinic specializes in helping American seniors regain their youthful health

Especially their brain health.

This mission is personal for me.

Because I’m not just a Medical Doctor – I’m also someone who’s over 65 years old

I’m at an age when (according to the old science) I should have trouble focusing…

And I should be getting more and more frustrated with my memory slips.

But I’m not.

Yes, I’m old enough to collect Social Security.

But I still run a busy medical clinic.

I write and publish dozens of articles on health and medicine every month…

And I study countless scientific journals to discover the latest in medical breakthroughs.

Even young doctors struggle to keep up with me, but I feel like my life’s just getting started.

Now, I’m not saying any of this to brag…

It’s so you can see how powerful this brain-health breakthrough really is.

Because the same transformation could soon be true for you, too…

Feeling like your mind’s getting better with age…

Never worrying about forgetting a name or place…

And having fun using your laser-like focus to tackle projects and live a full, fulfilling life…

So let’s make this happen right now…

To start, let’s look at that “brain speck” photo again:

white speck on microscope slide

The brain speck is made of a whitish substance called amyloid protein.

You might have heard of amyloid before.

Amyloid is a nasty substance inside your brain.

It slows down your thinking and interferes with your memory.

Think of it this way: If your brain was an engine, amyloid is the rust aging the cylinders…

Making the engine slow down…

For years, scientists have been trying to figure out why nasty amyloid forms… and how to get
rid of it

And they have gotten nowhere.

But now we know why.

We always assumed amyloid was made inside your brain.

But we were way off

Because even though amyloid ends up in your brain

It doesn’t come from your brain at all.

In 2008, the scientific community got their first hint of this huge medical breakthrough…

When a small, placebo-controlled study was quietly published in the prestigious journal Neurology.

Looking back, this study was years ahead of its time, because it exposed exactly how to slam the breaks on age-related cognitive decline.

In this breakthrough study, researchers gave volunteers a simple treatment that seemingly had nothing to do with their brain health

And yet, after just 21 days, the researchers witnessed
something miraculous

Even though the study did NOT treat their brains

The group that got the treatment improved their memory and focus.

Now, that’s pretty amazing considering age-related cognitive decline is supposedly “unstoppable”.

In their published paper, the scientists declared more research must be done…

And, after more than a decade of intense experimentation from numerous top Universities around the world…

Scientists all agreed on one very surprising truth.

We now understand the true villain causing your memory problems does NOT come from your brain

And we also now know the shockingly simple solution to reversing your age-related memory loss.

Let me explain.

The true secret to help make your memory stronger
in one hour…

And restoring your youthful focus

Starts with a little organ found on the left side of your body. Take a look:

human anatomy with pancrease highlighted

This organ is your pancreas.

Your pancreas is critical for digestion.

It supplies your body with chemicals that help break down and transport food.

But what does that have to do with your memory?

That’s the amazing discovery these scientists made…

You see, when you eat too much of a certain kind of food, your pancreas has trouble processing it all…

And when your pancreas has trouble processing this food, it actually forms these nasty amyloid specks, as a byproduct.

When enough amyloid specks get made, they break away from your pancreas, travel through your blood stream…

And end up stuck in your brain

That’s what the scientists discovered in 2008.

In their experiment, the scientists gave the volunteers a solution that actually helped their pancreases

And yet their brains got healthier as a result.

I’ll skip the rest of the science because it gets very complicated.

But when it comes to helping to protect and enhance your memory in one hour, the important part is very simple…

And it’s sending shockwaves throughout the medical community.

Here’s what you need to know:

Your pancreas pumps out amyloid specks when it has trouble processing one kind of food.

The amyloid specks then get stuck in your brain. As a result, your memory starts to weaken.

Over time, your pancreas produces amyloid – and your memory gets worse and worse. It’s a bad cycle.

So… how does your pancreas start having trouble in the first place?

It happens when you eat a specific
kind of food

Scientists at the renowned Mayo Clinic News Network recently released a report detailing this fact...

Harvard has admitted this discovery completely changes how we think about brain health and memory.

Boston University even tried to patent it.

You’ve literally eaten this kind of food thousands of times

It’s inside your fridge and your cupboards right now…

And you’ll see it the next time you sit down for a meal.

It’s not some kind of harsh chemical that gets spilled onto your dishes.

It’s not any sort of artificial flavor or color.

And while I’m no fan of artificial ingredients, it’s not that either.

The brain villain lurking in your food is…

Sugar and carbohydrates.

When your pancreas has trouble processing sugar and carbohydrates, it creates amyloid.

Then, the extra amyloid breaks away from your pancreas and travels through your bloodstream to your brain, slowing down your memory.

Now, I know what
you’re thinking…

“Well, I already know sugar is bad for me! Are you going to tell me to get rid of all sugar and never eat anything with it again?”

Actually, NO.

Not at all.

Very few people can sustain any kind of life while torturing themselves with a strict Atkins or no-carb ketogenic diet.

Plus, for many people, this is flat-out unhealthy.

And that’s where the great news comes in…

To clean the amyloid protein out of your brain and STOP new amyloid specks from forming…

You don’t have to change your diet at all.

There’s a MUCH easier way.

After doing many more experiments, scientists have finally cracked the code on stopping sugar and carbohydrates from slowing down your brain.

It’s taken more than 113 years to put everything together, but the results are worth it.

When you use this secret, you don’t need to ban sugar from your life…

In fact, you can keep enjoying refreshing soda, delicious cake, cookies, ice cream, delicious pasta, and pie just like anyone else…

And still upgrade your memory in just 1 hour

The breakthrough came after years of intense research by UCLA scientists.

They tested over 200 different compounds, trying to solve the amyloid puzzle…

And finally… after all those dismal failures… they found a compound that helps…

Scrub amyloid out of your brain like power-washing rust out of an old engine!

It’s called the LC Particle.

The LC Particle is a nutrient that’s been modified in a special way.

It’s natural and using it is so easy you can do it from home in about 5 seconds…

To measure how powerful it is…

Scientists gave the LC Particle to volunteers in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study – the gold standard in medical research.

The volunteers were up to 85-years-old and nobody was younger than 60.

Now, most studies on memory go weeks or sometimes even months before anyone feels a benefit (if there even is one)…

But not this time

You see, the scientists gave some memory tests to the volunteers before taking the LC Particle

Imagine sitting alone in front of a computer that displays a random, 3-digit number. For 2 straight minutes, you need to subtract 3 from that number… and then again… and again… and again…

Without a calculator or even a pencil and paper.

You can’t see your work. So you need to remember every step and perform perfectly.

THAT… is what these participants had to do. The first test was before taking the LC Particle…

And the second test was just 60 minutes later.

I’ll let the results speak for themselves…

The volunteers taking the placebo (a fake pill) didn’t experience much of any improvement, which was expected.

However, the volunteers taking the LC Particle had a very unexpected result…

Sure, the scientists hoped their memories would get stronger…

But they weren’t at all prepared to discover an incredible 8X increase. That’s 700%

And that’s exactly what happened.

The volunteers strengthened their memory 700%, compared to the placebo group.

The volunteers who got a placebo (a mere sugar pill) improved their memory only 2%.

But the volunteers who got the real thing – the LC Particle – strengthened their memory much more. A full 16% better.

This means the group who got the LC Particle strengthened their memory a stunning 700% better compared to the increase in the placebo group.

And this mind-blowing improvement happened in
just 1 hour

They continued the study for 28 days and the results just kept getting better.

The volunteers who got the LC Particle even felt calmer than the placebo group.

In fact, after 28 days, the volunteers taking the LC Particle felt less fatigue after taking the memory tests. The placebo group, of course, felt more tired.

That’s right, with the LC Particle, your brain will be so young and strong

You’ll feel more energized by mental challenges, instead of sapped and drained.

This means the next time you ace your paper’s crossword puzzle…

You’ll feel like jumping out of your chair and taking on something else that
engages you

An afternoon writing session could lead straight to planning your next woodworking project…

Working in your garden could lead to finally breaking out your canvas for some fun painting…

Because your brain is now ENERGIZED, and able to keep up with all your dreams and aspirations.

All thanks to the memory breakthrough LC Particle.

As you learned, it helps clean amyloid protein straight out of your brain.

With special testing, scientists confirmed it starts the cleaning process almost immediately.

Remember the image of the amyloid speck you saw earlier?

It was taken straight from a study on the LC Particle.

Specifically, the scientists were looking at amyloid specks in retinal tissue, which is technically part of your brain organ.

Check out the rest of the images:

three images of white specks on microscope slides

Can you see how the speck of amyloid looks brighter in each photograph?

That’s the LC Particle surrounding the amyloid and preparing to dissolve it.

As you learned, the LC Particle is the result of YEARS of research by UCLA scientists…

It’s based on the natural compound called curcumin.

You might have heard of curcumin before because of its stunning health properties.

Experiments show it’s a stronger antioxidant than the acai berry, blueberries, and many more.

chart showing antioxidants in fruit

As world-renowned health researcher Sayer Ji put it:

"Indeed, [this nutrient] turns the entire medical model on its head...its very existence threatens a trillion-dollar plus conventional medical establishment."

That’s how powerful this brain-boosting
miracle is

But there’s a problem.

As amazing as curcumin is, it can’t reach your brain.

You see, your brain is protected by something called the “blood-brain barrier.”

This important biological wall stops toxins from entering your brain.

The trouble is, the blood-brain barrier also stops healthy solutions from entering your brain.

In fact, studies show it blocks 98% of treatments.

That’s where a brilliant group of UCLA scientists came in…

After so much frustrating trial-and-error, they cracked the code… and it happened by accident.

The science is very in-depth, but basically, they coated the individual curcumin molecules with molecules called lipids in a very specific ratio.

And that’s why it’s called the LC Particle. The L stands for “lipids” and the C stands for “curcumin”.

Then, they performed a special test to see if this new, modified form of curcumin would absorb better into the brain…

Now, as you learned, your blood-brain barrier stops a full 98% of treatments from getting through.

So, it’d be amazing if this unique LC Particle was twice as good at entering your brain.

Or maybe even 5 times as well…
or 10X as well?

But what happened is beyond all that. Actually, it’s almost beyond belief.

It absorbed more than 10X better…

More than 20X better…

More than 50X better…

In fact, when the creators of the LC Particle tested 650 mg against regular curcumin…

The LC Particle absorbed into the brain a staggering 65 TIMES better.

Yes, it was superior by 6,500%. Here’s a graph of what that looks like:

chart showing effectiveness of LC particle

And when it reaches your brain, the LC Particle dissolves memory-aging amyloid.

It surrounds the amyloid molecules and dissolves them – almost like a pat of butter melting away in a frying pan.

And when that happens…

It will help improve your memory

Remember, it improved memory 8X BETTER than the placebo in the study I told you about earlier...

And if you want to know how powerful the LC Particle is at dissolving amyloid specks, listen to this…

Your new memory upgrade could happen in just 1 hour.

It’s simply stunning. And perhaps the most amazing part is how SIMPLE this all is...

No annoying brain games… no weird diets…

The LC Particle is natural

And this brain-enhancing technology is available as a simple powder you can take with a little water.

It’s so effective, the researchers have now patented it.

However, I’ve been able to locate a trusted U.S. source you can still access.

Imagine making a simple, little tweak in your morning routine…

(That takes less than a minute)…

Feeling your mental energy soar…

Noticing how, just an hour later, your brain feels more alive… like the lights have turned on…

And you think to yourself, “It’s working!

As the hours go by, your brain becomes more and more powerful.

Your focus sharpens like
a laser beam

You can hardly believe how easy it is to think clearly and remember everything – just like when you were young.

When I analyzed these clinical results and, more importantly, when I tested the LC Particle myself and felt the difference

I knew it was the answer to every senior’s frustrations about our aging brains.

In just a moment, I’ll show you the best source for the amyloid-dissolving LC Particle.

It’s important you get the real thing.

Beware of imitations. It’s VERY easy to accidentally get a knock-off version that can’t pass your blood-brain barrier…

Which means it’ll be useless for your memory.

But, before you go, I have one more thing to tell you. And it’s vital.

Even though the genuine LC Particle works incredibly well, if you truly want a young brain and a restored “steel trap” memory…

It’s not the complete answer for you.

Yes, the LC Particle dissolves memory-aging amyloid from your brain.

And yes, it was shown in a study to help improve memory by 700% (compared to placebo)
in just 1 hour...

However, as powerful as that is, it’s just part of the battle.

Because, as important as it is to remove the amyloid protein that’s in your brain now

You must also protect your brain from facing MORE amyloid specks in the future.

In other words, you need to STOP memory-aging amyloid from getting in your brain in the first place.

That’s why the LC Particle is only the first phase of restoring your brain health to a youthful state.

There are actually 2 more phases necessary for you to experience a COMPLETE brain and memory restoration to a youthful state.

Don’t worry. All combined, they’re convenient, painless, and easy enough that you can do them from home in literally seconds

I’ll also show you exactly how you can get them all, and exactly what you should take…

This is the same process I give to my patients who are looking to upgrade their memories…

Soon, you won’t need to be concerned about these nasty amyloid specks at all…

And stop amyloid from forming in the first place.

So, let me quickly show you what these phases are.

Then I’ll show you how to easily use all 3 phases for a younger, healthier brain.

Remember, amyloid protein starts forming outside your brain.

It comes from your pancreas, when it has trouble processing sugar

And that’s where Phases 2 and 3 come in.

They work by helping your body properly manage its sugar

So you don’t form memory-aging amyloid in the first place.

Okay, you learned how Phase 1 of this new brain-enhancing solution – the LC Particle helps keep your brain free from amyloid.

Just from that alone, you could improve your memory significantly in just 1 hour.

You’ll also increase your
focus and energy

Next is Phase 2, which stops amyloid from forming in the first place.

The secret is a natural compound called EGCG.

Over a decade ago, scientists at the famous Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan discovered something important…

They studied thousands of men and women over the age of 70.

Some had fantastic brain health, like they were perpetually young.

But others were frustrated with age-related cognitive decline.

The researchers discovered something startling…

There was a biological difference between all the 70+ year olds…

Something that explained the vast difference in their brain health…

And it was this substance called EGCG.

You see, EGCG is a plant compound. You can get it by eating specific types of plants.

The more EGCG the men and women consumed in their diets… the BETTER brain health they had!

A small medical study
confirmed this
major discovery…

When volunteers took EGCG in a soft drink and had their brains scanned, a crucial part of their brains lit up like Christmas trees.

Specifically, a region in your brain called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

This area is essential for your memory and focus.

Here are images from the study, showing this in real-time:

x rays of brains

Because of animal research, scientists from Germany have now discovered how it works so well.

EGCG stops amyloid from forming into the specks you learned about earlier.

So it doesn’t form the specks that end up in your brain

As a result, your brain stays
safe and healthy

Now, EGCG is pretty rare, but small amounts are naturally found in certain kinds of tea leaves.

And scientists have now perfected a special technique that isolates this brain-enhancing component in the tea leaves – so you can use it yourself.

With EGCG’s unique ability to stop amyloid from forming those nasty specks

You can see why it’s the necessary 2nd phase of my brain-enhancing solution for seniors.

Imagine using a potent combination of these 2 brain-saving compounds – the LC Particle and EGCG…

The LC Particle gets busy cleaning the nasty amyloid out of your brain

So you could feel your memory get stronger in 1 hour, the first time you take it.

Then, the EGCG goes to work, kicking in like an after-burner.

It stops amyloid specks from forming in your pancreas.

Essentially, it helps to stop amyloid at the sourceso they never reach your brain

This upgrades your brain and memory for the long-term.

You’ll feel safe knowing those nasty memory-aging specks won’t return.

And you get to enjoy your younger, sharper mind for decades to come.

And we’re still not done…

Because we need to finish with Phase 3.

Let’s quickly cover what it is, and how you can easily use all 3 phases to upgrade your brain.

Now, you learned how Phase 1 dissolves amyloid specks from your brain using something called the LC Particle.

You learned how Phase 2 helps stop amyloid from forming those nasty specks in your pancreas, using EGCG.

Now for Phase 3

This final step is extremely important: You need to make sure your body processes sugar the right way.

Remember that your pancreas makes amyloid only when it has trouble with too much sugar.

But, as you get older, your body stops being able to process sugar as effectively.

Maybe your doctor has already talked to you about your blood sugar?

Unfortunately, sugar concerns are a fairly normal part of getting older.

They’re almost unavoidable

And sugar is why you get amyloidand the age-related memory loss that comes with it.

However, if you can digest and process sugar properly, your pancreas, brain, and memory will all work like when you were much younger.

You can enjoy a heaping bowl of pasta for dinner and some ice cream afterwards, 100% guilt-free, because the sugar won’t slow down your brain.

That’s the secret to Phase 3, which is a special scientific combination of a mineral called chromium and a nutrient called banaba.

Chromium and banaba both help your body handle sugar.

I’m sure you’ve heard of “insulin” – the chemical in your body that helps you transport sugar to where you need it…

Well, chromium is so powerful, research shows when you take just a little bit as a supplement…

You could improve your insulin sensitivity 28%
in just 6 weeks

At 12 weeks, your blood sugar could improve an incredible 48%. This was shown in a small study without a placebo group.

Then there’s banaba.

It’s been used in Japan for decades to improve health and longevity.

Research shows the active part of banaba will help improve your blood sugar after you drink the same amount of sugar in 2 cans of coke!

Plus, you could improve your blood sugar 20% in just 14 days – even if you’re 70 years old.

If you’re dwelling on your blood sugar, you already know how amazing these improvements are.

But now, because of the connection between sugar, your pancreas, and amyloid, we know your brain health will improve as well.

Research shows your focus could improve, even after a meal.

So, you can enjoy a stack of
pancakes without feeling any “food coma” afterwards

And an unpublished clinical study revealed banaba will increase your wakefulness 47% in just 30 days.

And chromium strengthens a very important aspect of memory…

Have you ever tried to remember someone’s name and other names kept popping into your mind, like Bill, Barry, Bernard…

When the person’s name is actually Bob?

There’s a scientific term for that.

It’s called intrusion error.

Instead of your mind going blank, you keep thinking of all the wrong answers…

And it’s one of the surefire signs of age-related cognitive decline.

Here’s the good news...

A medical study tested chromium, and looked at exactly this kind of memory issue.

Volunteers with an average age of 73 took either chromium or a placebo (fake pill) for 90 days.

Then, they were given memory tests designed to distract the volunteers and cause them to come up with all kinds of wrong answers…

And that’s exactly what happened with the placebo group. They made all kinds of mistakes.

But not the lucky volunteers who got chromium

The trial showed chromium-taking volunteers made up to 145% LESS intrusion errors on the memory tests.

Or, to say it another way, their memories got 145% BETTER

Chromium also improves your mood.

Imagine having the healthiest memory of your life while still enjoying some sweet, delicious treats that are… let’s face it… not so healthy.

But you get to enjoy them guilt free because you know your brain will be fine.

Better than fine… you’re 47% more awake.

And when you face a tough mental task, your memory is 145% better.

That’s the power of this combination of blood-sugar balancing chromium and banaba.

As you’ve learned today, when you properly manage your sugar, it will transform your memory and brain health.

You’ll think, process, and remember things just like you did decades ago…

Now imagine combining all 3 memory-saving phases

Your memory becoming sharper before your clock hits the next hour…

As the days go by, you are less anxious about your future… knowing that nasty amyloid isn’t slowing down your brain

And you’ll FEEL the transformation…

Tasks that used to exhaust you now feel easy.

You might hear someone remark, “Good memory!” when you rattle off names and dates like a computer, without even thinking about it.

At your next church gathering or family dinner, you enthrall people with your stories. You feel sharp and confident.

I hope that sounds good because, with a new, stronger memory, it’s more than possible…

It’s your new life with an upgraded, healthy, younger brain.

Okay, let’s wrap things up because we’ve covered plenty of ground today…

And it’s time to show how you can put all 3 Phases to work for your brain.

Scientists have finally made the breakthrough we need to strengthen
our brains…

It turns out, “senior moments” and a foggy memory come from amyloid getting into your brain.

And the kingpin villain behind amyloid is sugar.

As you get older, your pancreas has more trouble processing sugar.

And memory-aging amyloid gets formed as a waste product.

That’s the bad news. The good news is…

We know how to stop this chain reaction

And help upgrade your memory in just 60 short minutes…

First, we remove amyloid from your brain by using something called the LC Particle.

That’s Phase 1.

Next, we stop amyloid specks at the source using EGCG.

That’s Phase 2.

Finally, we keep your blood sugar healthy, so your pancreas stays on top of things.

That’s Phase 3.

This formula is the most advanced solution for senior brain health you can get your hands on

It is absolutely light years beyond any big corporation’s solutions. As you learned today, they’ve all FAILED.

Fortunately, I uncovered the cutting-edge research.

That’s when I began using this formula for myself.

The results have been nothing short of astonishing

As you heard before, I’m over 65-years-old.

But I still run my busy medical clinic.

And I’m reading mountains of scientific research day in and day out.

When they meet me, people often think I’m years and years younger than I really am.

Now, this will be your story too…

Take a moment and consider how relaxed you’ll feel when your brain is finally firing on all cylinders...

How much frustration do you have right now… that will simply disappear?

How sweet is your relief going to feel?

And, let’s be honest, how much fun are you going to have when you become the center of attention…

And start hearing whispers about how amazingly sharp you are?

Keep that in mind because…

When I show you how to get all 3 phases of this formula in just a moment from now…

Your memory will upgrade in just 1 hour (remember, it was 8X better than
the placebo)…

You’ll strengthen your brain against sugar’s brain-draining effects…

And you’ll marvel at how quick your thinking becomes.

Now, as a doctor who took the Hippocratic Oath, it is my sworn duty to help those in need.

That’s why I’ve done all the hard work of researching, locating, and sourcing all 3 memory-strengthening phases of this formula

And I’ve even assembled everything into a single miraculous pill, that you can take from home in seconds.

It works so well, I can’t restrict it to
my patients anymore…

This solution resolves the true cause of memory concerns and you deserve to know about it.

memotex bottle

This new pill is called MemotexTM.

Memotex is my own private patient formula for upgrading your brain and helping to improve your memory in just 1 hour.

It contains the LC Particle, ECGC, and the chromium-banaba blood-sugar balancing combination you need

Before we go on, I need to be clear. Memotex is NOT for everyone.

Even though it’s easy to use – just 2 capsules a day – Memotex is not like any brain solution you’ve used or heard about.

It’s in a completely different class.

A whole different category really… simply because it treats the TRUE root cause of age-related cognitive decline.

If you’re only in your 20s or 30s, it is not for you.

Memotex is specifically designed
for men and women between the ages of 55 and 100

Someday, other brain formulas may catch up to the formula in Memotex. But, so far, nothing else even comes close.

Brand-new Memotex is currently the only way to strengthen yourself from the chemical chain reaction causing your memory issues.

So, if you are ready to improve your memory in just 1 hour

And perhaps help your spouse and friends do the same…

Then keep reading because in just a few minutes, you’ll have your opportunity.

Now, I need to make clear that Memotex is available only through this presentation today.

Beware of imposters claiming they possess the complete formula.

The good news is, you don’t need a prescription to get Memotex.

But for a long time, the bad news was… only patients at my medical center could get this 3-Phase formula.

However, I’ve decided to release this formula on a limited basis to men and women
over the age
of 55…

Who are ready to use the future of science to strengthen their brains.

Memotex contains everything you need for all 3 Phases of memory improvement and brain upgrading.

As you know, the first phase is to remove the amyloid already slowing down your brain.

You do this by taking the first ingredient in Memotex, the LC Particle.

This stands for Lipid Curcumin, a special kind of curcumin that can cross the blood-brain barrier 65X better.

You MUST use this specific kind of lipid curcumin or you won’t get the brain-health benefits.

But when you use the right kind, amyloid specks will dissolve right out of your brain.

Remember, study participants who used the LC particle improved their memory 700% in just 1 hour, compared to placebo.

And the perfect dose of the LC Particle is included in my Memotex formula.

Now, that’s Phase 1.

Phase 2 is using EGCG to help stop amyloid from forming nasty specks in your pancreas…

So the amyloid specks never reach your brain in
the first place

Finally, Phase 3 is using a special combination of chromium and banaba to help improve and balance your blood sugar

So you can enjoy delicious, sugary foods while still enjoying perfect brain health.

Just from this third phase alone, you’ll improve your wakefulness 47%...

And you’ll make 145% fewer “intrusion errors” when you try to remember something.

Finally, you don’t have to worry the next time you run into someone, you’ll fumble when you try to remember their name.

You don’t have to wonder what will happen as time goes on.

Instead, you can rest easy, and enjoy discovering how strong your memory can get.

You get to look forward to the rest of your Golden Years.

The scientific secret comes down to Memotex’s power to strengthen your brain from nasty amyloid specks at the source.

When it does… your memory will upgrade dramatically in just 1 hour

By using the compounds in this formula, real people have achieved…

Better calmness in the face of stress…

Less fatigue

47% more wakefulness

145% fewer errors when trying to remember something…

And a shocking 700% better memory in just 1 hour

Yes, the measurable changes start in just 60 minutes.

Oh, and one more thing…

Because Phases 2 and 3 of this formula improve how you digest sugar, they come with an interesting “side effect.”

And it’s a very good one…

Now, if you’re currently at a healthy bodyweight, that’s fantastic.

But if you’d like to lose a few extra pounds, I’ve got some great news

All the compounds in Memotex’s 2nd and 3rd Phases will trigger your body to naturally burn extra fat away.

It’s all because of how they help you digest sugar.

Here’s what the research revealed:

Just taking banaba alone will cause you to lose almost 2.5 pounds in just 14 days

And taking EGCG alone will cause a 3.5-pound weight loss and shrink your waist by 1 inch. This was shown in a Japanese study which also involved 14 days of dieting.

But most amazing of all is the chromium...

Science shows just by taking chromium alone you’ll drop an astonishing 17 pounds in just 90 days.

So, if you’re carrying any extra weight right now, I strongly suggest you get your hands on Memotex while you still can.

And even if you’re not, the compounds in Phase 2 and 3 will ensure you can continue eating your favorite foods (and even splurge a little!)…

But still stay slim and healthy.

Okay, I’ve shown you exactly how to strengthen your youthful memory, upgrade your brain for the decades to come…

And even balance your blood sugar and drop extra weight as well.

Now it’s time to show you how to test out Memotex yourself absolutely risk-free.

When you think ahead to the next 10 years of your life, do you see how this could be one of the most important decisions you make?

The fact is, you can’t un-know what you learned today.

You’re standing at a crossroads, you have
only 2 choices

  1. You can do nothing. You can accept that your body is making more and more amyloid, causing age-related memory loss and foggy thinking.
  2. Or… you can get your hands on the 3-Phase Memotex breakthrough… and start removing brain-draining amyloid from your brain.

I sincerely hope the choice for you is clear.

However, if you delay, there’s no guarantee you’ll even be able to get a supply.

Finally, science has identified the true villain slowing down your memory… and exactly how to stop it.

And you can get your hands on it today, while it’s still available.

With Memotex, you’ll upgrade your memory in just one hour.

Imagine a retirement where you
enjoy decade after decade of excitement and adventure…

Where embarrassing slip-ups and foggy moments are the last thing you’re concerned about.

This can be your future, as long as you have the 3-Phase formula your brain is starving for.

Here’s the complete breakdown of what you’ll be getting in the daily dose of the groundbreaking 3-phase Memotex formula:

You get 400 mg of United States Patented lipid curcumin – the revolutionary LC Particle

To start clearing amyloid specks out of your brain, and help strengthen your memory in just 1 hour

You get 750 mg of green tea extract containing EGCG

Which prevents amyloid proteins from forming in your pancreas in the first place…

And 1,000 mcg of chromium and 56 mg of banaba, which will help your body process sugar…

And improve your wakefulness 47% and reduce your confusing “intrusion errors” by 145.

All combined, these miracle nutrients will help free your brain from amyloid specks, the true villain causing your memory lapses.

Instead, you’ll enjoy a stronger, smarter brain just 1 hour after you begin

That’s why I worked with my team at Solaire Nutraceuticals to carefully combine this complete formula

Into Memotex’s single, convenient capsule.

Memotex is absolutely top-notch, with the perfect advanced compounds to ensure you help free your brain from amyloid

And it will work for you.

Yes, even if you’ve tried remedies for your memory in the past but you never felt a difference.

This is based on the breakthrough science behind everlasting brain health.

It addresses the root cause of accelerated brain aging: amyloid protein.

And it’s backed by new clinical studies with real results in seniors like you.

Like all my Solaire Nutraceuticals formulas, Memotex is created in a certified facility right here in the United States. And it’s also made with non-GMO ingredients.

In addition, taking Memotex is easy – just 2 tiny capsules a day.

When the formula enters your brain, it will begin upgrading your memory
almost immediately

Everything will happen just as you’ve learned about in this presentation.

Memotex is the exact formula your brain is starving for, so you can stop feeling foggy, forgetful, or old…

And start enjoying your young life again.

In a few moments, you’ll see a button below this presentation. When you do, press it quickly to reserve your own supply

As a Medical Doctor, I’m confident that Memotex will do everything I’ve promised you today.

But I don’t want you to worry about whether it will work for you.

So I want you to try Memotex today with ZERO risk.

That’s right… you have a risk-free, unlimited guarantee when you try Memotex today.

satisfaction guaranteed

Here’s how it works…

In a moment, reserve your personal supply of memory-upgrading Memotex today.

Then, when your box arrives in a week or so, open it immediately.

Follow the instructions and start taking Memotex daily.

Then… do absolutely nothing else.
That’s right…

You don’t have to cut any sugar from your diet. You don’t have to change a thing…

Just take Memotex every day and let it start clearing amyloid specks from your brain.

In the first 60 minutes, you’ll notice your memory power magnify.

As time goes on, you’ll feel more mental focus and energy. Basically…

You’ll feel younger.

You’ll feel so happy every time you need to focus on an afternoon project, or have an important conversation…

Or remember a name without even trying

Because your brain is no longer slowed down by the true villain behind brain fog and “senior moments.”

However, if for any reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied, simply give us a call or send us an email…

And we’ll give you back every penny, no questions asked.

Let me repeat that… for any reason at all, simply request a refund, and we’ll be happy to oblige.

And your guarantee
NEVER expires

You can request a refund any time in the future — it could be 6 months from now… a year… there is no limit or expiration.

This way…

There’s no pressure… and no risk… when you try Memotex today!

That’s how I run things at my clinic and I’m extending that courtesy to you.

Of course, combining all the nutrients in Memotex that have been confirmed by science, isn’t easy or inexpensive

If you truly measured the memory-improving value of what Memotex delivers, it would be worth thousands of dollars.

However, because there is no “middle man” here, a one-month supply of Memotex normally retails for $399.

It’s the bargain of a lifetime for upgrading your mind and memory… but I know that’s still a lot for many people.

So that’s not what you have to invest today, because of this page’s special offer.

First, as part of my initial release of Memotex to the public, you’ll get an immediate $200 off, as an instant rebate.

That’s just $199 for a full 1-month supply – a 50% discount. And you should feel the life-changing results the very first day.

Plus, if you choose a 3 or 6 bottle option, you save EVEN MORE.

Whatever option you’ll choose, as long as you reserve your supply from this page…

You’ll see your exclusive $200 rebate has already been applied.

Remember, there’s no other formula available that specifically addresses the root cause of memory issues.

And remember, you can try Memotex
with ZERO risk

If Memotex doesn’t improve your memory, focus, and brain power just like I’ve promised you…

In fact, if you’re not satisfied for any reason at all

Just request a refund and we’ll gladly oblige.

No questions asked and no expiration dates.

But I don’t think you’ll want a refund.

Because Memotex works unlike any other memory solution in the world…

As you’ve learned, Memotex works because of the newest research on what truly causes brain fog and age-related cognitive decline.

That’s how it completely upgrades your brain… and makes your memory much stronger in just 1 hour.

This is brand-new and completely cutting-edge.

Because the 3-Phase Memotex formula helps strengthens your brain cells, your memory, focus, and even improves your happiness.

It’ll be like a fog has been lifted as you…

Realize you can remember details like names at the snap of a finger

Blaze through books you want to read and navigate important conversations…

Tell spellbinding stories of adventures you enjoyed years ago…

And thoroughly impress your friends and family with how mentally sharp you are.

And remember…

This has all been verified
by science

Just like the users in the groundbreaking clinical research (when compared with the placebo group)...

...your memory could become 700% stronger in just 1 hour.

And, if you have extra weight, it will start melting off too… almost like magic. You could lose 17 pounds or more in 90 days.

Ok, it’s time for you to make the right decision

You could continue along the same path you’re on now.

You already know how embarrassing it is to forget simple things...

Or have “senior moments” and brain fog...

You already know where this path is going to lead.

Unless you use Memotex to dissolve the amyloid specks in your brain, you’re just going to keep experiencing confusion and brain fog as time goes on.

Your memory could get worse. So will your focus.

Consider the path your parents took. They didn’t have the opportunity you have now.

Before the new scientific breakthrough connecting amyloid, sugar, and your brain… nobody did.

Today, everything about senior brain
health has changed

Instead of denying yourself, make the decision to test out Memotex.

For a small investment, you get to feel young again

Like you’ve returned to your 30s… with energy, clear thinking, and confidence.

With your brain no longer affected by nasty amyloid specks, the true cause of age-related cognitive decline…

And your blood sugar balanced so nasty amyloid is stopped at the source…

With Memotex, you won’t have to worry your brain…

You won’t have to dwell on it anymore or wonder…

And you won’t have to feel old!

And very soon, you’ll get what I like to call the “Memotex moment”.

It could happen when you’re having a meal with friends…

Or even 60 minutes after you try Memotex for the first time.

Either way, it’ll be when you try to remember something – like a name from a few months ago…

And you get that familiar “on the tip of your tongue” feeling.

For an instant, you draw a total blank…

Until the name suddenly POPS into your mind. Like magic. Like it’s supposed to be.

That’s when you realize, “Wow, the amyloid must be gone.”

And you have your proof

Memotex truly works.

As your focus and energy keep going up and up…

You realize this is what life is like when your brain is no longer affected by amyloid.

All thanks to memory-improving Memotex.

You get to plan all kinds of adventures and live a retirement that others would envy. Without dwelling on your brain health.

Ok, are you ready?

When the button appears below, click on it and fill out your shipping information on the next page.

Once you complete your reservation, we’ll begin packing your personal shipment of Memotex and we’ll rush it your way.

Just a few short days from now, you’ll receive a plain, brown box from USPS.

The return address will simply say “Solaire Nutraceuticals.” Don’t worry – we keep things discreet.

Carefully packed inside will be your initial supply of Memotex.

I recommend you immediately bring your Memotex supply into your kitchen, open it up…

And take your first dose with water or the beverage of your choice.

Almost immediately, Memotex’s LC Particles will start clearing amyloid specks out of your brain.

Just 60 minutes later, you’ll start
feeling the benefits… with a MUCH
better memory…

And as the days, weeks, and months pass – your brain will keep getting sharper, stronger, and YOUNGER.

I need to warn you though, when I’ve introduced breakthrough formulas in the past, we’ve usually sold out almost immediately.

If you wait to try Memotex, we might be completely sold out.

And because of the ingredient combination and special production process, it can take months for us to get more in stock.

So, please, for the sake of your memory and your loved ones, do not delay.

Try out memory-upgrading Memotex today. Remember, you take NO RISK at all.

It’s time. Go ahead and click the button below now.

It will take you to our secure reservation page, where you can select your risk-free supply of memory-improving Memotex.

Do click the button now. I’ll see you on the other side

For Memotex and Solaire Nutraceuticals, I’m Dr. Richard Gerhauser, MD.

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to claim your risk-free supply of Memotex now.

Remember, we have only 11,133 containers of memory-saving Memotex in stock and almost 700,000 men and women are seeing this message.

That means we have only one container for every 62 people hearing this message.

If you close this page and miss this chance, Memotex might be gone when you come back.

And you could miss your one chance to improve your memory in one hour

Don’t risk it.

Jump on this one-time opportunity now.

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