Senior Heart-Health Breakthrough Unveiled:

This Blood Pressure Secret
Will Leave Your Doctor Speechless

He’ll take your pressure twice…
just to make sure the surprising results are real!

Woman checking her blood pressure

Hello. I’m Dr. Richard Gerhauser. And if you’ve got blood pressure on your mind, then grab your calendar and a pen…

…then circle the date exactly 28 days from today.

Because… in that short amount of time...

A groundbreaking study on an exciting natural breakthrough…

Showed participants achieved, on average, an excellent 123/77 blood pressure!

That’s right… significantly improved blood pressure in as little as 28 days!

Plus, there are now other easy ways to also help improve circulation, strengthen arteries, and even strengthen the heart too.

I understand that’s a very bold promise

As a doctor practicing medicine for more than 3 decades, I assure you, this is not a promise I make lightly.

However, the science I’ve seen is clear.

It’s now possible for many seniors in America to maintain healthy blood pressure

…if you use the unusual secret I’m about to share with you.

You’ll have the opportunity to review all the scientific evidence in just a moment.

But, after you’ve seen the incredible science for yourself, if you’re still unconvinced… then here’s my challenge to you:

About one month from today, make an appointment with your doctor for your typical checkup…

As he applies the blood pressure cuff to your arm and begins pumping…

…get ready for a surprise.

Husband and wife getting their blood pressure results

Because, right when you feel the cuff deflate and the hissing begins… your doctor could say:

“Whatever you’re doing, keep it up! These blood pressure numbers are better. It’s like you’re getting younger.”

I’m serious. In this presentation, I’ll reveal this simple secret.

Use it for at least 28 days

And then get your blood pressure checked by your own doctor, at your next routine appointment.

Because he’s going to congratulate you on the improvement in your health… and he’ll probably ask what the heck your secret is!

You are BOTH going to be surprised by exactly what the “better blood pressure” secret is


You’re going to find out the answer right here.

My name, again, is Richard Gerhauser.

I’ve been a Medical Doctor for more than 30 years and have a unique practice.

You see, my clinic specializes in helping American seniors regain their youthful health.

I’m also a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine.

Which means I’ve researched and developed cutting-edge solutions for…

Keeping your body feeling young and healthy… well into your golden years!

We both know how important it is to keep your heart healthy.

And I understand how frustrating it can be to hear confusing, conflicting advice on what to do.

Which is why I’m excited to talk to you today about a heart-health breakthrough that could truly change your health.

It’s a science-backed ingredient for heart health in seniors. This solution is so powerful

One study found it helped deliver, on average, near-perfect 123/77 blood pressure
in just 28 days

Couple checking their blood pressure

Imagine being like one of those lucky study participants… no longer having to think about your blood pressure.

Imagine relaxing… secure in knowing that your heart health
is protected.

Imagine the joy on your spouse’s face knowing that your heart is still healthy… that it could be pumping easier

…with your blood pressure balanced in your arteries…

The secret to this security and blessed peace of mind can all be yours in just a few moments.

And the best part is, you don’t need to visit my practice to take advantage of it yourself...

So let’s roll up our sleeves and get started now...

The blood pressure secret I’m revealing now might be in your kitchen this minute… or more specifically – in your refrigerator.

I’m talking about grapes.

But before you go running out to buy a bunch, I’m afraid I need to be clearer…

...just eating some grapes will NOT give you healthy blood pressure.

Nope, it’s not quite that easy. But it’s close… let me explain

Everyone knows that wine is made from grapes.

And, for years, studies have quietly popped up... revealing that men and women who drink wine in moderation…

…live longer and experience better heart health than those who abstain.

And nobody could figure out why…

Until a groundbreaking University of California at Davis study showed the surprising answer.

It also revealed how…

Study participants enjoyed better blood pressure in just 28 days.

Here’s the secret…

Scientists made a huge breakthrough when they uncovered certain natural chemicals in grapes – called polyphenols.

We’ve now learned polyphenols can help improve the health of your muscles, your organs,
even your brain

They’re like miniature cell rejuvenators. Like a “fountain of youth” for your heart and your entire body.

But there was a problem.

To get enough polyphenols to help improve blood pressure, you’d have to drink a ton of wine. An impossible (and lethal) amount, in fact.

And scientists didn’t know how to separate the polyphenols from the alcohol in wine.

However, that’s finally all changed.

Because modern science has now developed a way to isolate the blood pressure-improving polyphenols inside.

The secret is in a special extract taken from the grape seeds.

grape seed

That way, you skip the alcohol, and instead get the incredible heart-health benefits in a highly-concentrated dose!

But that leads me to another problem…

You see, when some people heard about how grape seed extract can help improve your heart health, they jumped on the bandwagon and started selling low-quality versions

But that’s not going to help your heart.

You see,

There is only ONE kind of grape-seed extract tested and shown to help men and women improve blood pressure
in just 28 days

And if you don’t get the exact kind, you’re not getting the clinically-studied stuff.

It’s made right here in the USA.

And it’s so powerful, it is now protected by no less than 4 United States patents (U.S. Patents # 6,544,581 B1,7,651,707 B2, 7,767,235 B2, and 8,075,929 B2).

This premium-quality grape seed extract has been studied in 3 double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials. In one of them, a tiny dose of 150 mg helped improve blood pressure in 28 days.

In fact, the average blood pressure of the participants was 123/77, at the end.

How would you like to get an excellent reading like the participants in the study?

And the other two studies confirmed that premium-quality grape seed extract works… showing a higher dose improved blood pressure even more in just 8 and 12 weeks.

As a doctor, I can assure you, though two of the studies were small, the design of these clinical trials are the gold standard of scientific research.

Which is why I am spreading the word about how this premium grape seed extract has been shown to help men and women achieve near-perfect blood pressure starting in just 28 days.

But you must use this exact kind – to make sure you’re getting the same thing used in the studies.

That’s why my team found the U.S. company that creates this premium quality “grape seed extract

the same kind I recommend for people wanting to maintain and even improve their blood pressure…

And I’m making it available directly to American seniors who read this presentation today.

Make no mistake, this is the exact premium grape seed extract that was shown in one study to deliver better blood pressure in just a short 28 days

All in one little,
natural grape seed pill

Which is why I’ve chosen it as the superstar ingredient in my formula called C.V. Complete™. It’s the best supplement I’ve ever seen for anyone concerned about maintaining their blood pressure and heart health.

Bottle of C.V. Complete

And C.V. Complete is only available directly through Solaire Nutraceuticals. Beware of impostors selling unauthorized, potentially inferior quality extract.

But there’s one more thing. You see… I called it C.V. Complete for a reason.

“C.V.” for “cardiovascular”. And “Complete” because it does much more than help support your blood pressure…

You see, C.V. Complete addresses all 4 “heart-health zones” that are vital to keeping your heart beating strong…

Number 1 is blood pressure, yes. It’s more than just a number on a chart – healthy blood pressure is vital to reducing stress on your heart and circulatory system.

Number 2 is blood flow… making sure your arteries stay open and clear so your blood moves freely throughout your body…

Number 3 is the health of your arteries… keeping your arterial walls flexible, instead of old, stiff and thick.

And then there’s number 4. Well, number 4 is interesting because it’s something your doctor very likely has NEVER mentioned to you.

It’s actually possible he’s COMPLETELY overlooked it for years.

It’s not his fault… almost no doctors talk about it.

And it’s a mysterious, silent factor in maintaining perfect heart health. I’ll reveal it in just a minute from now.

But, first… C.V. Complete. My team and I developed this breakthrough heart-health formula with only one goal in mind

To give YOU the confidence, security, and peace of mind of knowing that your heart health is completely supported.

red pills in a heart shaped bowl

And that it will continue to beat STRONG… well into your golden years.

So, to make sure you know that C.V. Complete is, finally, the answer to supporting your cardiovascular and heart health…

…let me quickly explain how, in addition to study results showing near-perfect 123/77 blood pressure in as little as 28 days, the ingredients in C.V. Complete have been shown to help:

Keep your arteries clear and wide open… letting your blood flow freely throughout your body…

Support the health of your arteries… making sure they stay limber and flexible…


And save you from the heart-health factor your doctor is completely ignoring, which I’ll reveal in a moment!

First, the ingredients in C.V. Complete help improve your blood flow by enhancing a molecule so miraculous, it’s been studied by Johns Hopkins, Harvard University, and published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

In fact…

…3 American scientists won the prestigious Nobel Prize for this discovery.

They found your entire cardiovascular system

Your veins

Your arteries

Even your heart

…are quietly controlled by a single molecule called nitric oxide.

It’s so powerful, the medical journal Science named nitric oxide as Molecule of the Year.

In fact, Alfred Nobel himself, father of the Nobel Prize, was introduced to this molecule in a very unusual way.

He was prescribed a component of DYNAMITE by his own doctors!

It’s true. They advised him to take nitroglycerine, a highly unstable explosive used in dynamite.

Now, this was a century ago. Back then, doctors didn’t know why it worked – they just knew that it did.

Thanks to modern science, now we know.

Nitroglycerine contains something called nitric oxide.

And nitric oxide signals your blood to flow like an oxygen-rich, life-giving river!

rivers rivers

Without nitric oxide, your blood vessels narrow. The flow slows down.

Your eyes, lungs, stomach, limbs… even your own brain and heart don’t get as much life-giving oxygen.

Now here’s the thing:

Your body is perfectly capable of producing its own nitric oxide.

And when you were young, you churned out plenty of the stuff.

But that changes as you age…

Unfortunately, nitric oxide levels can decline up to 75% from the time you’re a fit, healthy 20-year-old to a 70-to-80-year-old.

So it’s no wonder your blood doesn’t flow like it used to…

And that can impact your blood pressure too

But here’s the very good news…

With one simple element found in C.V. Complete,
you could help raise your nitric oxide levels– without any dynamite

In fact, there’s a natural method that’s so powerful

Your arteries could stay open and flexible, smoothly delivering blood where it’s supposed to go…

When life-giving blood flows through your veins, you feel the difference.

Your energy can keep pulsing, right through lunch... the afternoon... and even into the evening.

couple riding bikes

Just like when you were a full-of-life teenager. Speaking of which...

Your blood flow could improve EVERYWHERE it counts.

Catch my drift?

So it stands to reason that when you and your spouse decide to take your strong, youthful hearts for a "test drive" in the bedroom…

You could be delighted to discover your
newly improved blood flow works on
EVERY organ in your body

Including “south of the equator.” And yes, this is true for BOTH sexes!

Call that one a special BONUS benefit of nitric oxide…

The fact is, all your organs could get healthier– that’s how better blood flow works.

And if this all sounds too good to be true, rest assured – it is shown by real science.

Thousands of research studies have been performed on nitric oxide.

And with C.V. Complete, you can now naturally support and increase your nitric oxide… helping to support your heart health!

Here’s how…

C.V. Complete contains something called Amla.


In a legend from the ancient Hindu religion, the gods battled demons in the heavens. During this war, Amla spilled onto earth.

They called it the drops of immortality.

But the scientists studying it today still refer to it, of course, as Amla.

It’s an extract from a small, greenish, exotic tree berry from the far East…

Of course, traditional medicine is one thing… but often these “ancient healers” don’t stand up to modern scientific scrutiny…

So recently, Amla was put to the test in a double-blind, placebo-controlled human study.

One unique group of participants took 500 mg per day, for just 12 short weeks.

And their nitric oxide levels significantly improved.

Now, because it can improve nitric oxide levels, Amla can have powerful effects on your heart health.

Scientific studies from the creators of the best form of Amla found it helps:

And as little as 500 mg twice per day helps…

That’s why everyone thinking about maintaining their heart health, and keeping themselves as healthy as humanly possible, needs to get their hands on Amla.

With it, you can rest easy at night, knowing you’re doing all you can to naturally keep your heart beating strong for life.

Imagine being able to smile and tell a new friend, “I just spent the day with my, great-grandchildren!

Today is the day when that stops being a fantasy…

And that’s why C.V. Complete includes the perfect amount of Amla in every dose… to help increase vital nitric oxide levels…

Helping keep arteries open… improving cholesterol

…giving the blood flow boost to increase your overall health.

Along with the blood-pressure improving premium grape seed extract, C.V. Complete has a full dose of Amla for total heart health

But there’s more…

As you learned, complete heart health isn’t just about your blood pressure or blood flow.

You also need to keep your arteries flexible

Think of them like a rubber band.

When a rubber band loses its flexibility, it doesn’t work as well. Now, I’m not saying this will happen to your arteries. But flexibility is still crucial for their health…

As researchers at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center discovered, this made a 10-year difference in the biological age of study participants over 70.

And your “biological age” is a way to measure your overall health.

The most shocking part?

It came down to a single mineral imbalance…

That’s right, just one little mineral can make a 10-year difference in how youthful arteries are.

That’s because this mineral build-up can make your arteries stiff.

The problem is… your doctor probably has no idea.

It’s not his fault. The disturbing truth is…

Your doctor has been advised by governing bodies to not bother checking for this little-known heart-health factor.

And that’s a shame… because the solution is so simple

First, it might surprise you to know the mineral that can make artery walls stiffer is calcium.

Now, before you throw away your calcium pills, or rummage through your fridge and toss every last container of yogurt and vow to never drink milk again… that’s not the solution.

Because calcium is actually very important for your health… as long as it ends up in your bones after you ingest it.

But this doesn’t always happen. You see, as you get older

Calcium can get placed in your arteries instead.

It stiffens blood vessel walls… reduces blood vessel flexibility… and negatively impacts circulation and blood pressure...

This can progress into a common occurrence with aging called arterial stiffness

…and you need to stop it.

But what’s the solution?

Your body has a natural defense against calcium in your arteries.

It’s a special combination of
Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3

It helps protect your arteries.

And as a bonus…a groundbreaking, 2-year study on bone health in females from The Keio University School of Medicine in Japan, showed this vitamin combination helps strengthen bones.

These weren’t young pups, either. The age-range of volunteers in this study went from 55 up to 81 years old!

Anyone thinking about long-term, youthful heart health needsboth Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3.

K2 D3 vitamins

Of course, that’s why I added the full dose – and the highest quality forms of both – in C.V. Complete.

With premium grape seed extract for better blood pressure

Amla for better blood flow

And Vitamins K2 and D3 for younger, flexible arteries

C.V. Complete is truly the most powerful heart-health formula ever created.

But if you want to support your heart health, there’s one final thing you NEED to know. And this last one is surprising

You could have healthy blood pressure, youthful blood flow, and flexible arteries…

But it could all be for nothingunless you keep your arteries protected from this one surprising heart-health factor.

University of Southern California researchers are now calling it “The cholesterol of the next century.”

You’ve probably never heard of it until now...

It’s called homocysteine

Here’s why it’s so important to you

When your body breaks down the protein in your food, it produces a byproduct.

Sort of like a car spewing out exhaust fumes after it burns gas.

This byproduct is homocysteine.

Your body pumps out homocysteine 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

And when too much of it is created– like it does for millions of Americans

Homocysteine begins negatively affecting your artery walls.

And yet, when homocysteine is high enough to affect your arteries… you might feel absolutely nothing.

Right this instant, you can feel just fine as you read these words… and yet your homocysteine could be impacting your arteries…

Fortunately, C.V. Complete has the answer.

Researchers from the prestigious Tufts University discovered high homocysteine comes down to a simple vitamin deficiency.

When you get a proper supply of these
certain 3 vitamins… you could help improve
your homocysteine levels

Helping keep your arteries healthy.

Here’s what the vitamins are: A daily dose of Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and folate.

Now, don’t worry – you don’t need to scramble to write these down. Or memorize the exact amounts you need.

Because the clinical formula of C.V. Complete contains all 3 vital nutrients.

Vitamins B6, B12 and B9

In the right quantities necessary to help support healthy homocysteine levels and protect your arteries

With C.V. Complete, your heart health will always be supported.

Imagine a retirement where you enjoy years of excitement and adventure…

…where doctor’s appointments and trips to the pharmacy are the last thing you’re worried about.

This can be  your  future, as long as you have all the vital nutrients your heart’s starving for.

Here’s the complete breakdown of the groundbreaking 4 “heart zone” formula:

You get 500 mg of Amla to increase artery-relaxing nitric oxide

25 mg of Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal-5-phosphate)… 400 mcg of folate (as methylfolate, Metafolin®)… and 500 mcg of Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin)…

…to help keep homocysteine levels healthy

45 mcg of Vitamin K2 and 500 IU of Vitamin D3 to keep artery walls flexible…

And 150 mg of the patented, premium-quality grape seed extract shown to produce healthy blood pressure in as little as 28 days.

Not to mention, here’s more great news…

Because I worked with my team at Solaire Nutraceuticals to combine this complete 8-ingredient formulainto one single, convenient formula.

Now, with C.V. Complete’s unrivaled “4 zone” formula

You could enjoy a healthy heart for years to come

But there is one thing…

The only way to get my exclusive formula is through Solaire Nutraceuticals.

Please understand, this combination of heart-health ingredients doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Today, however, you can get it delivered straight to your door.

C.V. Complete addresses every single factor for supporting your heart health today.

First, it contains the vitamins B6, B12, and folate in the right combination…

…to improve homocysteine levels and support the health of your arteries…

I also included vitamins K2 and D3 to keep your arteries flexible, amplifying this formula’s protective power

Then, the Amla signals your cardiovascular system to FLOOD your veins and arteries with nitric oxide

…so you can experience better blood flow, blood pressure, and more!

(Plus, don’t forget the bonus “bedroom benefits” you could enjoy from the nitric oxide surging through your blood…)

Finally, I pulled a few strings, and made sure to include the patented, premium-quality grape seed extract.

Because it helps deliver healthy blood pressure FAST.

Remember, one study showed results in just28 days.

And your heart health will still be supported as the weeks and months go by…

Get ready to never worry about your heart health again.

Your spouse will be happy, too…

That’s how my breakthrough
8-combination formula works

Like all my Solaire Nutraceutical formulas, C.V. Complete is created in a certified facility right here in the United States. And it’s also made with high-quality non-GMO ingredients sourced from around the world.

C.V. Complete is absolutely top-notch, with the ideal levels of ingredients to ensure you see results

Taking C.V. Complete couldn’t be easier – just 2 tiny capsules per day.

When you take it, you’ll be supporting your heart health with EVERY vital nutrient you’ve learned about in this presentation.

It’s the exact formula your heart needs… so you can stop thinking about your heart health and enjoy your life...

Just like the lucky ones who have already started taking C.V. Complete. Some have even written me to tell me just how happy they are with their decision:

Ok, it’s time for you to make a choice...

You can continue along the same path you’re on now…

Or you can make the decision to try out C.V. Complete.

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, this powerful breakthrough helps you get everything you need to stay heart healthy…plus better blood pressure.

How would it feel to have the same energy and confidence you enjoyed in your younger years?

With C.V. Complete, you won’t have to think about your heart health…

You won’t have to “take things easy” or stop doing the fun things you love…

…and you won’t have to feel old!

Once you start using the specific nutrients in C.V. Complete, they will begin to support your heart and arteries…

And very soon, you can get what I like to call “the best report card of a lifetime.”

It’s when you stride into the doctor’s office for a routine visit… 

… and try your best to hide your Cheshire cat grin as your doctor applies the blood pressure cuff to your arm and begins to pump…

Then, when you feel the cuff deflate and the hissing begins… you’ll know the truth even before your doctor says anything…

couple running

“Keep up the good work! These are great blood pressure numbers”

You smile and realize you’re doing everything you can to take care of your heart.

You can keep hiking, fishing, working in your garden…

Going on a vacation you’ve been putting off, or even a project around the house…

Don’t be surprised if a few friends give you a double-take, wondering what’s gotten into you!

They may not know, but you will.

It’s just another fun reminder that…

Your heart has what it needs
to stay young and healthy

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

I’m so confident you’re going to love this complete heart-health formula, I want you to try C.V. Complete with ZERO risk.

That’s right… you have an unlimited guarantee when you try C.V. Complete today.

Guarantee seal

Here’s how it works…

Reserve your own supply of C.V. Complete today.

Then, when it arrives in a week or so, open it immediately.

Follow the instructions and start taking C.V. Complete daily.

Then… do absolutely nothing else. That’s right

Just take C.V. Complete every day.

Then, if for any reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied with your results, simply give us a call or send us an email and we’ll give you back every penny, no questions asked.

Let me repeat that… for any reason at all, simply request a refund and we’ll be happy to oblige.

And your guarantee NEVER expires.

You can request a refund any time in the future — it could be 6 months from now… a year… there is no limit or expiration. You’ll always get a full 100% refund.

This way, there’s no pressure… and no risk… when you try C.V. Complete today

In a few moments, you’ll have the opportunity to reserve your supply.

When the button appears below, click on it with your mouse and fill out your shipping information on the next page.

Once you do, we’ll begin packing your shipment of C.V. Complete and we’ll rush it your way.

Just a few short days from now, you’ll receive a plain package from USPS.

Carefully packed inside will be your initial supply of C.V. Complete.

I recommend you immediately bring your C.V. Complete supply into your kitchen, open it up…

…and take your first dose with water or the beverage of your choice.

It’s that easy.

As every single day goes by — your heart and arteries could stay strong.

You might even feel the difference in your energy levels.

And when you see the annual results of how great your numbers are, you’ll wonder “What would they be like if I didn’t have the support of C.V. Complete?”

And that’s an important question… so I want to make sure your heart health is never without the total protection of C.V. Complete.

I want your heart to stay picture-perfect. PERIOD.

So, today, through this special presentation,
I’m giving you free access to our
auto-delivery program

That means, whenever you’re about to run out of C.V. Complete, we’ll ship you out a fresh supply and bill the credit card you use today.

In addition, you lock in today’s special low price.

And today, we’ll even pick up ALL the shipping cost.

That’s right… you get FREE shipping on today’s order and all future auto-delivery shipments of C.V. Complete.

Of course, you can cancel or change this program at any time just by calling our friendly, American team.

No hassle and complete convenience. That’s how we do business.

You take no risk at all. Your satisfaction is ALWAYS guaranteed.

So if you’re ready for better blood pressure…

healthy arteries and a healthier heart

…then go ahead and click the button below now.

It will take you to our secure reservation page, where you can select your initial supply of C.V. Complete.

You’ll also find a way you can save a bunch of money… and get FREE shipping today.

But do click the button now. I’ll see you on the other side

For C.V. Complete and Solaire Nutraceuticals, I’m Dr. Richard Gerhauser.

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